My Work
Especially in today’s challenging economy, people may avoid Designers & Visual Merchandisers because they fear unmanageable costs. But in reality, they can help you economize by avoiding costly mistakes. With guidance of a professional, you can eliminate errors, saving time and money.
It is important to realize that a Designer or a Visual Merchandiser is there, not to impose ideas, but to help clients articulate their own personal style. So, think of a them as a “idea person” who is at your disposal.

Ads & News Prints
Brand Building
Business Correspondence Material
Cartoons & Caricatures
Corporate Presentations
Events & Promotions
House & Shop Designs
Music Compositions
Product Packaging & Branding
Publicity Materials
Sign’s, Logos & Mnemonics
T-Shirt Designs & Textiles
Visual Merchandising & Window Displays
Web & Multimedia Solutions
Workshop on Developing Creativity

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